Grateful Patient

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| March, 19 2024 | for Douglas Pinto, MD
Image provided by: Janet

I have been a patient of Dr. Douglas Pinto for years, probably starting somewhere in the late 70's or early 80's. Since Dr. Pinto has started the MDVIP system he is able to take the quality time to treat each patient to the full extent that is needed. I don't feel rushed anymore when I need to be at his office for an appointment, but I try to have my questions handy as not to waste his time. Dr. Pinto is very thorough in ways for me to stay healthy. He seems to know what vitamins do the best for me. I like to eat the foods that add good health to my body instead of taking harsh medicines that have so many side effects. I am 81 years young and only take at this time an antacid pill before breakfast and I appreciate Dr. Pinto for allowing me to take this journey instead of being stuck with harsh pills. My health has never been better. I am not entirely against medicines when needed, but if there is a healthier way to solve a problem I will stick to it. My LDL was lowered immensely recently because of the healthy way that I eat and that Dr. Pinto allowed me to use the way of keeping healthy. I truly thank Dr. Douglas Pinto for his excellent and kind manner and his expertise in solving problems. I thank the LORD for him.