Great Doctor and valued friend

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| February, 10 2024 | for Douglas Pinto, MD

We have known our doctor, Doug Pinto for many years as a friend and valued physician. He always takes time with us to discuss our situation. If we have questions he gets right back with a clear answer and practical solution. Many years ago, our church band was having a rehearsal and Doug was our drummer at the time. He and some other medical people were preparing to go on a mission trip. They had gathered supplies for the trip, some of which were in our rehearsal space. At that time, my wife was suffering from migraine headaches. Looking at the supplies I found something that indicated it was for headaches.
I asked Doug if these meds would help with Candy's painful episodes. Giving us some samples we discovered the tremendous relief that those meds offered my wife. I will never forget that gesture as long as I live. And he continues to be that kind of friend and physician to our needs as we age.