Greatest Doctor ever

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| March, 10 2024 | for Jeffrey Phillips, MD, FACP

I've been going to Dr. Phillips in Texas for years. I now live out of state but still go to him. I've been through a gamut of health issues thru the years and I've always felt comfort with him helping me thru whatever was going on. I get anxious going to other doctors (specialists) but never with Dr. Phillips. I usually end up cracking up laughing talking to him on the phone or when I'm in his office. He's kind, a good listener (never loses patience with me and all my medical theories, lol), never rushes thru appointments, is knowledgeable, and takes time to tell me what the lab work means from the specialists in the state where I now live, because I don't usually hear from them. I can't say enough about him, but I think me going to him for 5 years living out of state, says a lot.