Greg Beato is an ally

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| February, 12 2024 | for Greg Beato, DO, CAQ, FACOI
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Greg Beato has been an amazing physician for my wife and I in what has been a tough couple of years. He has been by our side through my open-heart surgery and a heart ablation procedure and two knee replacements for Cyndi. What we both enjoy about Greg is the time he takes to address our health concerns and his his ability to explain things in ways that are both understandable and encouraging. We always feel welcome when we visit his office and know that we can count on him to see us in no time should there be a pressing concern. He has even been available to us when we have traveled, including a trip to Alaska for our son's wedding! I very much appreciate how he has helped me to understand findings and recommendations from other doctors as well, particularly those coming from my cardiologist and heart surgeon over the last year. Greg is an ally.