Happy he is practicing a while longer !!

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| March, 17 2020 | for Kirk Agerson, MD

I have been seeing Dr. Kirk Agerson for approximately 30 years (wow), and am so glad I was able to chose him for health/medical care. I had been seeing a different doc for a few years prior, and was very satisfied with his care, but I guess he decided to move on to other things. Not knowing too many other "family practice" type physicians, a few of us in the radiology dept. were told that this Agerson guy was "pretty good" - so we went with him. And the rest is history, as they say...
Kirk has always given sound advice and recommendations. I find him to be a great listener as well, and consistently gives all the time necessary for me to ask questions.
I also admire the team he has had assembled around him over the years - same demeanor and respect for patient care as he has, obviously a direct reflection of his attributes. I like to joke around with all of them whenever possible, just because that's how I am. Seems to take the edge off a little...His previous staff that moved with him to MDVIP are exceptional as well!

Years back, I used to kid around and say it was never good when a person knew their physicians' office phone number by memory (before cell phones) - but hey, now I've got HIS cellphone number !! (What more can a person ask for !!)