Having moved to the area, we wanted a physician close to home.

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Paul & Kathy
| February, 27 2014 | for Melodie Phillips, MD, FACP

Having moved to the area, we wanted a physician close to home. We got 5 local doctors' names from our blood testing lab. Out of those 5, Dr. Phillips was one of 3 taking new patients. Calling the lab again with those 3 names, Dr. Phillips was the one highly recommended. Almost 1 year, we were patients of Dr. Phillips prior to MDVIP. After the MDVIP meetings, we were pretty sure we were not staying & advised the doctor accordingly. She gave us names of area physicians who would take her patients. Before moving to a new physician, Kathy had an auto accident & was hospitalized for 2 days with a concussion. Even though MDVIP started, Dr. Phillips continued to treat - advising she wouldn't abandon Kathy's treatment. Constant leg pain caused Dr. Phillips to run more tests. At the beginning of the 3rd month after the accident, experiencing balance & physical problems, we went to see Dr. Phillips. After some brief testing, Dr. Phillips had husband Paul drive to hospital emergency room. Dr. Phillips made all arrangements at the hospital & we went right in through emergency. Hours later, after emergency brain surgery & Kathy being placed in intensive care, Paul was comfortable to drive home. On his way home, Dr. Phillips called Paul's cell phone to inquire how surgery went & status on Kathy's condition. Dr. Phillips was correct in her diagnosis of a subdural hematoma, arranged for an amazing surgeon & was very thorough on getting all the correct follow-up care. Our decision to stay with Dr. Phillips & MDVIP was influenced by her outstanding care, her attention to detail & her being a good listener. Our decision to budget for this MDVIP program has proven to be the right one. We highly recommend Dr. Phillips to anyone looking for a qualified primary care doctor. The MDVIP program gives 24 hour access to our physician, very little wait time for appointments & private email access to our physician for questions & concerns any time. We are extremely pleased with this program since Dr. Phillips' participation for individualized care.