He Came to Me

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| March, 9 2024 | for Frederic S. Becker, MD

Within one month of my first fall on ice in Jan., I fell in my own kitchen on ceramic tile slamming my head on a cabinet before landing on my behind and elbow. I was hurting, shaken, and worried that two falls in a row might have injured my brain. My Dr. was in a meeting away from the office, and was told he would call me as soon as possible. I don't remember how long it was before he called, but in less than an hour he was at my front door and swung into action to test my visual/mental state and to treat my elbow. I didn't think doctors made house calls anymore, but Dr. Becker came without my asking and even made a trip back to his office and returned to get supplies he needed to treat and bandage my elbow. I see him every 3 months for my diabetes and look forward to each of those appointments with a new checklist of things we need to discuss. And if anything of real concern comes up between appointments I know I can call or email him and he always responds. Thank you Dr. Becker!