he is today a great Doctor who truly cares for his patients.

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| March, 7 2018 | for Gene M. Zito, MD

Three years ago I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Zito in the cafeteria of the hospital my husband was a patient at. I have known Dr. Zito from when he was a young man . As a friend of the family I was fortunate to watch him grow into what he is today a great Doctor who truly cares for his patients.

At that point of my life when my husband took ill, I was at a breaking point, not satisfied with the treatment he was receiving with his doctor, and felt that God had directed me at that time to bump into Gene, as I know him. I explained why I was there and asked him about the new practice he had opened through MDVIP> A few minutes into our conversation I knew that I had to make a decision to become one of his fortunate patients. I told my husband Russ about this and he was ecstatic.

It did not take long before I contacted our primary care Doctor, informing him of the fact that I was gong to go with the care of Dr. Zito. A decision I have not regretted.

My dear Russ passed away a year ago.,but throughout his struggle he was so happy knowing that Gene was his Doctor, and bragged about it to all that would listen. I now am happy to continue with Dr. Zito because I know that my health and my well being will always be foremost the most important part of my life. He is a remarkable kind man, and truly exemplifies the role of Doctor. I cannot say enough about him, his staff, and his all around expertise and love for family. The Gugino family embraces him whole heartedly.