He’s got it ALL!

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| March, 3 2024 | for Jeffrey Phillips, MD, FACP

I have never met any other doctor as doctor Jeffrey Phillips. He’s just got it all what it takes to be a dedicated, committed, compassionate, very knowledgeable, professional, carrying, and passionate. That’s right, I could go on and on here. I do remember when he found out about my serious health problem and was fully committed to get to the bottom of it, recommended treatment, and always meticulously follows up if we are on track. It is so much appreciated, the way he just does it! My job is a bit unpredictable while often working overseas and sometimes it’s difficult for me to keep up with scheduled appointments. This is where he comes in with being very understanding, flexible, and patient with me! He is willing to go that extra mile to accommodate the needs in order to make his patient at ease and ready for another assignment (adventure :^). There is also something else that makes me waiting impatiently for a visit - his sense of humor, his ways of being very approachable, and making patients comfortable. I still remember my first visit while waiting in his office for him to come in I noticed cigarettes ad from the 1920s and an alcohol prescription from the prohibition times hanging on his office walls, ha, ha, I thought, this is just someone I now really want to meet! And I was not disappointed! Congratulations Dr Phillips! Can’t wait to see you again soon!