How Dr. Heckert Saved My Life

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Nancy H
| March, 10 2024 | for Jeffrey Heckert, MD, FAAFP

We moved from Bucks County, PA to Lewes Memorial Day, 2011. We had retired at 62 and consequently had trouble getting insurance in Delaware. After 6 months, we finally found individual policies for each of us. During our first visit with Dr. Heckert in mid-October, I mentioned to him that I got aches in the back of my neck and in my shoulders when I walked on the boardwalk. He gave me an EKG and found an unusual blip on my scan. I did not have a baseline EKG in my medical records to compare. He ordered a walking Nuclear Stress Test at Beebe for 3 days later. Surprisingly, I could not complete the walking part of the test. I had been a competitive figure skater as a child and had retired after teaching figure skating for 40 years. I had no other symptoms that I was aware of. We met with a cardiologist immediately after my failing the Stress Test and he arranged for a catherization the following morning. It was his feeling that they would find the need for a couple of stents and I would be on my way home the next day. Fortunately, the cardiologist found 4 major blockages that would definitely require 4 bypasses (100%, 98%, and 2 95%) . I spent the next 3 days in the hospital waiting for open heart bypass surgery on Monday morning. It was Halloween. the surgeon performed his magic and my surgery was a success!! I was sent home on the following Thursday morning. Now almost 13 years later, I am continuing to do Cardiac Exercise and volunteering in Cardiac Rehab to encourage new Cardiac patients to see how important exercise, healthy eating, and a positive attitude are to maintain a healthy life style. Without Dr. Heckert's quick thinking and action I would probably not be around now. I am very fortunate and thankful for Dr. Heckert to be our Primary Care Doctor. We feel very comfortable that he is always there for us when we need advice , consultation, or a friendly ear to listen to us. Dr. Heckert, thank you for all you do for us. We are very grateful, appreciative , and proud that you are our doctor and friend!! Happy National Doctors' Day