I Am So Thankful for my Doctor!

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| March, 18 2024 | for Katy E. Crowe, MD

I first met Dr. Crowe in 2013, when she joined the practice my former GP retired from. She continued as my GP for the next 5 years. Then, in August 2018 she moved to a different practice and joined the MDVIP service. She has continued as my GP ever since then, and my hope is that she will remain my primary doctor as long as I am alive (I am now 74 years old), however long that may be. In the 10+ years I have know Dr. Crowe, I have learned that I can discuss any medical topic or concern with her, and receive as much information as I need to allay any concerns I have or work on any health issue I may have. This was brought home to me recently when I sent her a message discussing two of the "uncomfortable medical topics" listed in a recent MDVIP communication. Because of the trust I have developed over the time I have known and worked with her, I learned that I could in fact broach these topics in detail, and I received a thoughtful and helpful reply. I am thankful that I can send a message when something comes up, and get back a helpful reply. I am especially thankful that I can contact Dr. Crowe and be able to see her quickly, and then spend as much time as we need on my visit. I appreciate the thoroughness of the annual MDVIP medical exam. While the service is somewhat expensive, these benefits make it worthwhile to be me and my wife, especially as we get older. Dr. Katy Crowe is a wonderful doctor and an empathetic person, and I am so glad she is my doctor!!!