I am thankful for Dr. John Burpeau

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| February, 19 2024 | for John A. Burpeau, MD

Dr. Burpeau has been my internist for +/- 14 years and we are also friends through our children going to school together. He has always been there for me and my family whenever we have a medical question or need. We have a strong enough relationship that I can describe my symptoms and he will either stop by the house to confirm his diagnosis or call in prescriptions for me without seeing me. This relationship is very valuable to me and I respect his opinions greatly.

I underwent cardiac arrest almost 14 years ago a few weeks subsequent to my first physical with him and fortunately was at a nice gym and immediately underwent CPR and was subsequently defibrillated back into rhythm. He was shocked that I had any cardiac issues after my physical and blood work indicated I was very healthy and in good shape for a 49 year old male. He didn’t understand why he wasn’t aware of that risk for me and subsequently requires his patients to get more detailed blood work that could have made him aware of the risk.

John also has been very helpful in recommending various medical specialists to me including cardiologists, orthopedics, ophthalmologists and colorectal surgeons.

He is always there for me and my family and I appreciate him very much!