I appreciate him more than words can say he is the BEST

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| March, 29 2018 | for David J. Maleh, MD

I will never forget my first visit with Dr.Maleh I was in Tn and moved here my Aunt had recommended him when I went in to see him the first thing he did was look at my foot and had to put me in the hospital I should have gone to see him sooner but things happen for a reason I will never forget how comforting he was he said he was sorry this was our first visit but then got on the phone did whatever he could to get me in that night and everytime since he's always given me the time I need I have never felt rushed when talking to him no matter how many patients he has I use Dart and he always makes sure to do the little things something to drink or eat while am their to me they are big things when my Mom passed about 2 months ago I called the office to see if I was on the right track or needed something for sleep he called me back that same night I got a card from the office on my birthday I have spina bifida and from day one he wasn't afraid to take me as his patient he said we would do this together never once has he ignored my symptoms sb related or not I appreciate him more than words can say he is the BEST all I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I don't know where I would be without him he's not only my doctor but I consider him a friend.