I Can Count on my Doctor

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| February, 24 2024 | for Michael Peimer, MD

I was very glad to see my doctor and his wife come to my 80th birthday party. I am losing my memory due to Alzheimer's but it is a very slow process with me - thank God! My doctor has cared for me since the beginning and now it's been many years. He was supportive when I participated in experimental medication trials and made referrals to good neurologists in the region. He encourages me to continue playing table tennis with my friends and to swim and to walk and to drive locally to get my newspaper every day. He tells me to listen to my wife who he always wants to come with me to appointments. I know that he wants me to use my c-pap at night and so mostly I do it. My wife wants me to wear my hearing aides, too - and so I've been putting them in my ears more often. She watches over me taking all of my medications at the right times during the day and before sleep. I sleep too much and it's very hard for me not to take too many naps. I've had a good life. I have a wonderful family, too. And now, since he came to my party the other day, he has seen my great family and friends. We have a nice fruit orchard and now my doctor and his nice wife have their own special fig tree and we have seen photos of it. It's like a member of his family! Thank you Dr. Peimer (and Fran) for everything. John (and Pam) Cleary