I love ... no. I LERVE .... my doctor!

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| March, 16 2024 | for Helena A. Santos-Martins, MD
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I had an appointment with Dr. Santos-Martins (can't remember if it was a yearly exam or whether i had a symptom) and just before I left to go, I received terrible news. It wasn't to do with my health, thank goodness, but it was emotionally and financially devastating.. When I think my life is falling apart, I always go into fight-flight mode. (Certain bad political events in past years have sent me to research the possibility of retiring in New Zealand!) So when I arrived in the doctor's office, I began to sob ant told her all about it. "I can't stand being here a second longer; I'm moving to Portugal!" -- pulling the name of a lovely European country of thin air. Dr Santos, who had her hand on my arm, noticeably jumped. "Oh!" she said. "I'm from Portugal! It's so beautiful there. Americans are encouraged to emigrate these days. It's really inexpensive and has great healthcare!" She whipped out her cell phone and downloaded and sent to me Portuguese travel sites, books, and pictures. We talked a long time, and the world of Portugal -- its colors, food, history, warmth -- became real around us! Here was a reasonable, if extreme, way to change my life for the better. Well, the situation passed in time, of course -- slowly, painfully, but completely. I never went to live in Portugal. But giving someone hope and undivided attention is so calming in times of distress. Dr. Santos also gave me the names of two therapists who might help. And one of them really did!