I Rediscovered Life

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| January, 20 2024 | for William N. Fenney, MD
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We had moved to a new town and had trouble finding a doctor to care for us. I joined the waiting list for Dr. Fenney and after a few months wait I was able to see him as my prim are doctor. In the interim, I had a new doctor through a local clinic and I was made to feel that everything was a crisis and that my depression and anxiety with health professionals was unimportant. I felt so old at my young age of 69 as a result of really poor patient care. From the first time I met Dr. Fenney, things changed. He got me and understood what I needed to be able to bring my best, less anxious self to the office. He was gentle and very thorough immediately putting any concerns at ease and within the first few weeks after the visit had all of my health issues under excellent control. I felt like a new person and now actually look forward to my visits with him. I feel younger and in charge od helping to mange my own care with his guidance. What a relief that MDVIP was an option even though I wish everyone could have that kind of care. Thank you Dr. Fenney for giving name back jy life and helping me work through my anxiety and depression. You are so amazing. Thank you.