I so appreciate your care and concern.

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| March, 19 2018 | for Sandra Levitt, MD

Dear Dr. Levitt,
You have been my doctor for almost 20 years! I so appreciate your care and concern. You have helped me deal with a chronic condition since 1999 and I always knew you would have answers to my many questions or would do research for me. It was not a problem to wait past my appointment time to see you because I knew that you always had the same concern for your other patients. How things have changed since you joined the MDVIP Program! Waiting time is much shorter and this past month I was able to get 2 appointments scheduled within 24 hours of my request. Then you also made follow up phone calls to check on my progress. One night I even had to call you after hours and again you were there for me. I feel the MDVIP Program has made all of this possible. It is an exceptional experience.
I just can't thank you enough for everything.
You are the very Best!
With love, Lynda N.