I’ll forever be grateful to Dr Heidrick

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| March, 27 2019 | for John T. Heidrick, DO, FAAFP

I was telling my son one day that I was just not feeling right, I was having terrific headaches and felt lethargic. He said I should see his Dr and made me an Appointment for the next day, Dr Heidrick ordered labs and a CT scan of my head. I had bleeding on the brain, a stroke, caused by high blood pressure. The bleeding had stopped so surgery was not needed but Dr H had me see a neurologist/surgeon who confirmed his diagnosis. Later he would find I hAd a second pheochromocytoma in my right Adrenal gland and referred me to UCLA Medical center for surgery. Ill forever be grateful to Dr Heidrick for allowing me to be one of his MDVIP patients.