I'm happy to have found Dr. Phillips and MDVIP.

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| February, 16 2018 | for Melodie Phillips, MD, FACP

I'm happy to have found Dr. Phillips and MDVIP. Over the years, I'd lost faith in a system that has been unable and/or unwilling to put the patient first. That faith has been restored.

I chose to leave the practice of my last gen prac when I made a wellness appointment and indicated I had a few things I wanted to discuss and her response was we'll see if we have time. For me, medical care is more about wellness care vs. illness treatment and I wanted a physician willing and able to take the time to ensure my wellness as well as that of my daughter.

Dr. Phillips does that. She works directly with other providers when necessary to discuss courses of treatment. DISCUSS! Not just read a chart. She spends time during appointments reviewing details of care, of talking with me -- not just asking what's wrong. She offers care options, discusses both medicinal and wholistic care and actually takes the time to ensure that I'm a proactive partner in my care.

But most importantly, SHE'S proactive and interested. A recent health issue with a family member (also a patient of Dr. Phillips per my recommendation) demonstrated how frustrating and stressful it is to be churning through the current medical system. Dr. Phillips spoke with me via phone almost immediately when I called her office. She helped me navigate through hospitalization and doctors and reached out to me almost daily via text to check in and ask for updates. She was highly professional and never shared private information about her patient, but helped me be a better advocate and get better care for someone important to me. I said this to her and I'll type it here -- I don't know how I could have managed through the crisis without her.

I've never questioned the cost of MDVIP and experienced the value within a few visits to Dr. Phillps. I've recommended her to many friends and continually prioritize the annual cost of MDVIP. It's worth every penny!