It is More Than Numbers

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| February, 19 2024 | for David K. Jayne, MD
Image provided by: HERBERT

During my routine annual physical, Dr. David Jayne, pointed out that my PSA was 3.6. I said “isn’t anything below 4.0 acceptable”. He said that is true, but you have always been 3.0, so something has happened. Most likely you have an infection, but I want you to get evaluated by a urologist to see what has happened.

The urologist said it is probably an infection, so we will load you up with an antibiotic and test again in a couple months. I said I wanted to know sooner, so they did a biopsy of the prostate and found it was cancer.

Thanks to Dr. Jayne’s observation in seeing the abnormal part of an otherwise “normal” number made a difference in finding the cancer early rather than allowing the cancer grow unchecked until it could have been a lot more serious.