It's great to know there are doctors who care about their patients as much as Dr. Estrada.

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| January, 26 2024 | for Patricia Estrada, MD, FAAFP

I joined MDVIP a few years ago when I lived in Syracuse, NY. I really liked my MDVIP doctor Erika Hegland a lot. So I was concerned when I moved to New Orleans in 2022 that I would not be able to find another doctor I liked as much. Surprise, I like Dr. Estrada even more. She is simply the best doctor I have ever met. She makes me feel like my health is important to her. She is totally professional but extremely friendly and warm. I feel incredibly lucky to have Dr. Estrada as my doctor. I wish every doctor was as caring and comforting as her.

I was having some pain and discomfort in my left thigh. When I told Doctor Estrada about it, she said she could give me an anti-inflammatory shot. But after thinking about it, she asked me to do a deep knee bend. She asked me if I felt a pop. I did. And all of a sudden the pain and discomfort was less. A few days later, my leg felt almost completely better. That kind of knowledge and creativity just makes Dr. Estrada that much more special.