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Mary Jane
| March, 11 2024 | for Donald R. Watren, MD

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Donald Watren since moving down to Florida in 2001. During this period, we each have had our physical trials and scary moments. However, not once during all this time have either of us ever felt anxious or worried, thanks to the prompt response by this kind and truly caring doctor! To complicate matters for him, we actually still are "snow birds" in that we spend our summers in our hometown state of Delaware. I actually ended up in the hospital while there due to a kidney issue which became very serious due to the Covid restrictions about being seen by medical staff unless cleared by the testing, which for some reason, never appeared. Despite all this, Dr. Watren did his very best to follow up and be sure I received the proper care. Thanks to him, I made it through just fine and will be celebrating my 80th birthday this year! No matter what concern or question I may have, all I need to do is call and he responds immediately. He even shares his personal phone number so that we, his patients, can call him after office hours. And I've never once not had him respond immediately. How wonderful and comforting is that???? I truthfully believe we've made it this far thanks to the amazing care we receive from Dr. Watren and his equally loving staff. We are truly blessed and grateful!