Life Saver

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| March, 10 2024 | for Stephen W. Rex, MD

It's very difficult to even think about April 30/May 1, 2019,,, weekend, let alone type about the life saving event that Dr. Steve Rex, handled for me that evening, and may sound melodramatic, but it is not. It may sound like a simple thing, late in the evening, after most pharmacies were closed, and i was visiting next door. One lady was an anxiety sufferer, (which I never knew til then) strongly recommended that i contact my doctor.. none of them knowing Dr. Rex, etc., but knew I was having a major anxiety event and made the recommendation. Weekend, late in the evening, i called Dr. Rex on his cell number, asking him to call me at our house. He phoned our house number even before i could get back inside. He wrote an anxiety prescription right then, sent it to the pharmacy where i picked up the pills, and took one right away.. Well there go the waterworks.. sorry i can't provide a picture,,, AI really scares this senior citizen anyway, even to find out that the gym, and many other places keep pictures of their members. I have been a member of Dr. Rex's practice since it began., and before.. thank whoever you thank for the kind of TLC Dr. Rex and his staff provide.