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| March, 11 2024 | for Helena A. Santos-Martins, MD

Nine months into the onset of Covid an elderly confused gentleman with Covid,preop for surgery of a broken hip ,sneezed into my face. With no face shield or goggles on or glasses close to my face I acquired Covid within the next four days. I thought it’s the flu, five or six days and I’ll be back to work. Knowing the emergency room was overrun I did not go to the hospital although I was very sick. I called my MVDVP to get me the flu pill to shortened this onset of COVID-19. She asked me to go to the hospital and get a chest x-ray and get some blood work. I work at the hospital, I called the emergency room. There were 94 people in chairs waiting to be seen I knew I’d never get in for a day and a half and refused to go. My doctor called me four times over the next 12 hours. She stated they would get her the subjective data she needed to see where my COVID-19 was headed and if I was OK to stay home. She even called ahead to tell them I was coming in and should be isolated and not kept in chairs. She lied to me and said they won’t keep you! They kept me. For a week. I wasn’t vented but I was on BiPAP and three years later I still have long Covid with respiratory problems, exhaustion, and arthritis. I believe without her pushing me into going to the emergency room I believe I would not be here today. I was out of work for seven months. I went back to work for 3 eight hour shifts a week and had to retire six months later as it was too much for my present condition. I’m still here enjoying my family my grandchildren my friends and most of my life. I believe I wouldn’t be here without my doctor. She is worked overtime to help me overcome the many drawbacks of long Covid. She’s my new in constant hero.