Light During Transition

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| February, 11 2024 | for J. Cummins Couch III, MD

We had the same physician for 30 plus years and the day he decided to retire was a sad day for us. We knew it was coming yet the confirmation did not seem real. We were discussing with family and found that some had a physician with MdVip that changed their lives. They could not say enough about the care they received. We set up a new patient visit with J Cummins Couch. That day he was needing to give extra care to a patient so he was running behind. We waited a short while only to find out I was overdue at a surprise birthday luncheon for me. We did not want him to hurry on our part so decided to reschedule so that we could make the luncheon . I felt sure his office thought oh my this couple is going to trouble . Yet, I was far from truth . They graciously set up another appt. At that visit we knew immediately Dr Couch was the physician for us . He was engaging, knowledgable and empathetic. We left knowing he would be our future PCP.
Little did we know we would fall apart shortly after joining MdVip. I advocate for my husband and I can be relentless to get the best care for him. I soon realized Dr Couch was my co-pilot Advocating for Billy . I have texted him at all hours , day and night yet he always said Happy to Help! That is why I am here!

Dr Couch, Thank for Truly caring for us and our health. We are so thankful God put you in our life at a time when he knew we would be falling apart. We are very grateful for you . You are not just a concierge physician to us but an answer to our prayers. God knew you would be our physician long before we knew you. Billy and I, Thank you!!