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| May, 2 2023 | for Laurie D. Senol, MD

After my near fatal A-Fib 6/2/2018 My cigarette was a PACK a WEEK (2-3 day) cocktail 1.5 oz Dewars Scotch & water w/twist 4/week...and glass of FINE Cabernet with dinner for the last 35 years. After that decaf or water or nothing.
Dr. Bauer chief of cardio gave me story about ALL smoking...some day after a victory or defeat I will crave a smoke, light up and take a deep pull and inhale, if the bolt of nicotine and assoc chemicals do not hit on sync with heart contraction, I will be dead before I hit the floor. My cig stopped then and there, and not a one since. My use now is 1oz Dewars 1-2 per WEEK and the glass of wine nightly...that's it...been that way since 6/2/2018 and the effects are that with forced inactivity for 6 month extensive eye repair, the routine has not varied, and I feel no ill effects and monitoring has shown nice increase in Ejec Frac from 52 to 60 and no fluttering or ill effects. BP in the 125/73-82 range. I have NO cravings except I would enjoy a GOOD lobster dinner about now...personal schedule is whacko since I am widower and daily routines NEVER go as planned...this has various digestive results that I must live with.