Living my best life

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| March, 11 2024 | for Jaime J. Vasquez, DO

Dr. Vasquez has seen me through many health challenges in the years I’ve been his patient. About a year ago he examined a mass on my body which he said didn’t look right. He referred me over to a specialist who confirmed that it was a carcinoma. I went through chemotherapy and radiation treatments for two months. Through Dr. V’s recommendations and referrals, I got the best possible care. He helped me get through this difficult time with a minimum of anguish and fear.
Dr. Vasquez stayed engaged through the whole process and gave me excellent counsel and frank information in a truly caring way. I have been cancer free for six months now, and have been informed that there is very little chance of a recurrence.
Dr. V has been a big part of my recovery over the last months and has guided me through the healing process with compassion and honest support. I am once again living my best life thanks to Dr Vasquez’s care and guidance.
I am so grateful to Dr. V for more than twenty five years of excellent care. His move to MDVIP has enabled him to optimize the care for his patients.
I consider Jaime to be a valued friend and I know I can always rely on him any time and share anything with him and receive excellent support.
Dr. V’s staff is the best. They make me feel like we are family.
Thank you Jaime, Jeanette, Berta and Irma for these many years of care and cariño.