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Gladys AKA Sugar
| March, 2 2024 | for Todd A. Peavy, MD
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It's difficult to shine a light on just one moment that was created by Dr. Peavy that made my heart happy. Through out the past 8 or 9 years there has been so many times in my life that he has gone beyond my expectations as a Primary Health Provider. I'd like to share some recent memories that has put my mind at ease. As well as allowing me to see & feel the beneifit of my health and wellness goals.

I had a scare after getting a mastopexy with beast augmentation. My surgeon's office wasn't providing me with the after care I expected post opt after finding an abnormality that was inconclusive from 4 scans taken in a span of 3 months. I brought this up to Dr. Peavy at my wellness check up after he asked how my body was healing from this surgery. He immediately had me referred to the appropriate doctors for further opinions and had someone call me to confirm an appointment for that following week. It was the diligence and care of Dr. Peavy that got my unanswered questions resolved with promptness and ease.

The next awesome moment was when he set up my son for a visit to address some of his health concerns he had been needing to talk with a physician about.

With every doctor and patient interaction, either via MDVIP messaging, in-person, call or texting after hours he has ALWAYS responded promptly with care.
I have never felt rushed or left with any questions of concern.
He makes sure that my health needs are his priority and I wish I could scream it from the roof top for all to hear how fracking amazing it is to be a patient of Dr. Peavy.
We love and adore him & his staff. I look forward to any visit. He has the warm-welcoming smile along with a comforting hug when I've needed it the most. What more could a patient ask for?
He is IT for all health care needs. I usually don't like sharing the goods :-) , but when your doctor is a rock star, you want to spread the love with your community.

I'm 40 years old and I hit the jack pot when finding Todd Peavy as a PCP. He was referred by several of my friends, and even my patients when I use to work Pharmacy!

Thank you MDVIP for having such a life changing doctor part of your program. He certainly is VIP!!! Love ya BIG BIG Dr. Peavy. *hugs*