Living Well with Kellie

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| February, 22 2024 | for Kellie B. Smaldore, DO
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Dr Kellie Smaldore has taken care of me for many years. Even before MDVIP! She is proactive with all my care and has led me on the path to wellness throughout the years. Our first serious illness started with breast cancer. Imagine how a 60 year old feels with this diagnosis! But we worked through a first surgery, a needed second surgery and then radiation. I was one of the lucky ones as a mastectomy was not required. Kellie put me in the right direction at each step. But my health journey did not stop there. We are dealing with hypertension, stage three kidney disease and the associated treatment of these diseases. Throughout these years of treatment we have gradually gone from treating diseases to managing them and then continuing with a wellness program. It is this approach i most appreciate. Now as I approach 84 years, we are still on the wellness journey. She is always approachable—text, email, portal, visits. Currently, in keeping with our journey to wellness, we are meeting biweekly to work on a weight loss program. She never uses a quick and perhaps easy approach. It is always a way that works best for the patient. I can’t imagine taking and continuing this journey with anyone except Dr Kellie Smaldore.