A Magnificant Doctor

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| April, 5 2020 | for Vera Carlson, MD, PhD

Years ago, when I dragged myself into Dr.Carlson's office for the first time, I was very sick , and convinced that I would soon die. I had been to a series of doctors who seemed to do nothing. However, Dr. Carlson no only convinced me that I had years to go before death, she also undertook a regime that actually improved the way I felt. She has been there for me whenever I needed her. Without delays. She is very knowledgeable and always makes the right diagnoses, and provides the best treatment plan. While my health conditions cannot be cured, Dr. Carlson has helped me to be more comfortable, and has most likely extended my life.
With the coronavirus now raging in the country, Dr. Carlson had the forsight to recognize the danger it presented to me. She placed me on preventative quarantine when the virus was just getting started. Most of my communication is now by phone, which is okay with me. I would probably die right away should Dr. Carlson ever leave her practice. She is absolutely, without question, the best doctor I have ever seen.
Dr. Carlson deserves a 10. She goes far and above what is expected of a doctor.