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Mary Ann
| March, 27 2024 | for Kinue I. Miki, MD

I am SO grateful to have been blessed with having Dr. Miki as my MDVIP physician for the past several years! Dr. Miki has successfully diagnosed and helped me to navigate, manage and resolve a myriad of health issues. Dr. Miki never ceases to amaze me with her extensive knowledge and expertise and her sincere compassionate desire to resolve my health issues. She graciously takes time during every visit to listen to my health concerns, patiently explains her recommendations for resolving them, and welcomes and thoroughly answers all of my questions. When appropriate, Dr. Miki refers me to and assists in obtaining an expedited appointment with a specialist she highly recommends with whom I’m always satisfied. Dr. Miki makes herself available for phone calls and expedited appointments. Also noteworthy, when I had an emergency that required me to go to a hospital for treatment, Dr. Miki called the hospital in advance to let them know I was on my way and summarized the reasons for the emergency which greatly assisted the doctor’s treatment when I arrived at the hospital. In addition, during complicated cataract surgeries I had in San Diego, Dr. Miki made herself available by phone to answer questions and offer advice and solutions to assist in my speedy recovery.  Knowing that Dr. Miki is always available with expert advice and assistance offers me great peace of mind and makes my investment in MDVIP worthwhile! Mary Ann from HI