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| January, 21 2024 | for James W. Bosler III, MD

Today we are faced with hospital owned primary care doctors that have mandated 15 minute appointments where your doctor can’t develop your personal history to help understand your healthcare needs or can focus on preventative actions. That all changed for me with Doctor Bosler. He invested the time to gather information on my family history to better understand my medical information. He is not only interested in me but my daughter’s grandchildren and wife’s health. Then there is his accessibility 24 x7. I went to bed one night in September 2022 feeling fine and woke up feeling very uncomfortable with stomach and chest pains and could get back to sleep. I texted him around 7am and he immediately contacted me and had me come into this office. He checked me out and send me to a cardiologist to make sure all was good and then on to the ER to check my gallbladder and appendices. It was determined that my gallbladder had to be removed. He stayed in contact with my family all the way through the surgery. That type of personal support from your doctor makes all the difference in making sure you are receiving the type of care we all need