The Marvelous Dr. Marland

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| February, 10 2024 | for A. M. Marland, MD

I first met Dr. Marland when I was in the hospital for a diabetes incident. I didn't have a regular doctor and asked him if he would accept me. Thankfully, he did. Whenever I have a question or concern, he immediately addresses it. I understand that the medical profession is a busy one but no matter what he is doing, he takes time out for all of his patients. I know I am a difficult patient as I travel a lot and he keeps on me to make sure I see him, make my appointments and most of all, that I do my best to keep myself in the best shape possible so I don't have any recurring medical issues. Anna, who works in Dr. Marland's office, is an excellent nurse who works diligently with all the patients to make sure we are taken care of before our appointment with Dr. Marland. Dr. Marland is a wonderful doctor who cares for his patients, takes time with us and even celebrates us with his yearly Patient Appreciation Day. I've never had any medical professional do that before and it really means so much to have a doctor who cares so deeply as Dr. Marland does. I cannot recommend Dr. Marland or his practice enough for anyone who wishes to receive the finest in medical care. Lastly, I really like MDVIP as it brings patients and doctors closer together for a mutual medical benefit to enhance our lives for years to come.