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| March, 14 2024 | for Michael J. Gunter, MD

MDVIP Mike! This is JCVIP! I can't thank you enough for all you do. You have always had the best care in mind for me, even, when I threaten purgatory for you. LOL I remember our first meeting when I hired you about 30 years ago at MGM. You are the real MD VIP in my life. Thank you for caring for my parents ( and that was a challenge in itself) and helping them go to the Lord peacefully and of course, caring for me, even though I still hate all those tests! I trust you, I pray for you and love all you do, not just for me, but for everyone! You have certainly lived your faith in caring for others. Loving God and Loving neighbor....doesn't get much bette than that! I just am teed off that I haven't been able to wear the Stanley Cup ring yet. I promise to take good care of it. Truly, I will! Promise. A priest wouldn't lie to you. Your son's godfather wouldn't lie either. Love, prayers and blessings, Fr. - The Priest - The JC VIP!