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| January, 28 2024 | for Christopher W. Ley, MD

There are many times that my husband and I are grateful for Dr. Ley but one scenario really stands out to me. We were traveling West for a family wedding, John had a nasty fall just a few days before which required several sutures on his lower leg, we made the best of it even though he was uncomfortable and the wound got infected. He started on an antibiotic the evening before we were scheduled to fly home. As we were heading to the airport for an early flight, John said " I feel itchy" I looked and he was covered in hives! I immediately called Dr. Ley thinking, its early on a weekend but i was concerned about boarding a long flight with a medication reaction. Long story short, Dr. Ley answered and walked us through a checklist and a solution, ultimately we boarded and got home without incident. Its times like that that we are especially thankful for the level of care we receive. Thanks for going the extra mile Chris!