Michael Fleishman

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| March, 10 2024 | for Greg Ciliberti, MD

About five years ago, I was having a stomach pains, and my stomach was fairly rigid. The day before, which was on a Sunday, I went up to an immediate care office and saw the doctor there. He said that I probably just ate something that disagreed with me, and that it would probably go away in a day or two. The next day I went to see Greg Ciliberti, who examined me and asked me some questions, and then quickly said that I needed to go to the nearest hospital and have a CT scan which I did. The radiologist said that I had diverticulitis, and that I needed surgery immediately. I was taken to the surgery center almost immediately. The surgeon lighter said that the poison from my ruptured sigmoid colon had entered my body and that if I had waited another day to have the surgery, I very well may have died. Accordingly, credit Greg with saving my life.