A mild symptom may require immediate medical attention.

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| April, 5 2024 | for Drew E. Maris, MD, DAAFM

I thought that my pain was really not serious to the extent that it was. I was really more concerned that it was something that required some routinely consultation, with my doctor, Drew Maris. I never thought that it may need an immediate emergency check. Well, I saw Dr Maris in the next hour and after a check on the issue, he told me, 'OK, this may require immediate ultrasound test and depending on its finding may dictate immediate emergency surgery'. On the spot, he arranged for me to be seen at the Emergency Section of Marin General Hospital. He even accompanied me to the garage to make sure for a speed departure directly to to the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital, I rapidly was subject to the required test. Fortunately, after spending like 2 hours at the Emergency Department, the diagnosis came back indicating that no surgery was necessary but that the issue was supposed to be followed up with a specialist MD in the ordinary course of medical attention. Well, the point being that the Emergency MD, told me the following, "You know your Primary Doctor made the ABSOLUTE RIGHT decision to bring you to emergency because based on the symptoms, as an emergency surgery may have been required right on the spot"
Thank you Dr. Maris for your advice, help and immediate availability.