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| March, 19 2024 | for Geetha Srinivasan, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Geetha Srinivasan for about 22 years. I remember my very 1st visit to her office was an in depth consultation. She asked me questions about my medical history, my parents, grand parents and all the way down to my great grandparents. I have never forgotten the statement she made: “KATHRYN, I CAN ONLY BE AS GOOD A DOCTOR TO YOU AS I KNOW YOURS and YOUR FAMILY’s MEDICAL HISTORY”. That sealed it for me and I knew I had found a great doctor. Dr. Srinivasan is a compassionate, caring and knowledgeable physician who has cared for me all these years not only medically but emotionally. When my dad and sister were sick, she would ask about them (also about how I was doing since I was caring for them) during my visits with her and when they died, she showed so much care and compassion. At all appointments, her first statement/question is always “Hi Kathryn, how are you”. (The little things means so much) Dr. Srinivasan truly “listens” and allows me to be a part of my own health care with her medical guidance, knowledge, advice and expertise. When I received notice that Dr. Srinivasan was moving to MDVIP Practice and I would have to incur an annual fee to continue with her, I made the necessary sacrifice financially so I would not lose her as my physician. Dr. Srinivasan has always cared for me with the highest standard of care with knowledge, efficiency and again with care and compassion. My most recent experience of her care was in 2023 after leaving her office to have a follow up ultrasound for a prior diagnosed and treated blood clot. When Dr. Srinivasan received the call from the Radiology doctor that a blood clot was found, Dr. Srinivasan went into immediate action to make sure that I received the “best care” & follow up from admitting me into the hospital, contacting specialists, etc. I must say that part of my calmness was due to her calmness , because I was completely calm during the process. (Dr. Srinivasan even remembered that when I left her office earlier that day, I had compression stocking on and she directed me to remove them…how detailed oriented) It is a rewarding experience to know and feel that your physician really cares for you as a person. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Dr. Srinivasan for the wonderful doctor you are to me as I know you are to your other patients.