More Than A Doctor, She is my FRIEND!

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Gloria H
| March, 12 2020 | for Claudine M. De Dan, MD
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Wow, what a great opportunity to tell you about a doctor that is more than a doctor. Dr. Claudine DeDan has been my doctor for over 3 years. Her goal is to help develop total wellness in my life. I am a Type II Diabetic. Upon entering her practice she immediately signed me up for the Diabetes Education Program.
I learned how to properly manage my disease as Dr. DeDan continues to educate me and explains the results of my blood and urine test which is monitored every 3 months. This enables me to control my illness and not allow it to control me.
Being a caregiver of my disabled veteran son(that suffers with ALS), Dr. DeDan actively monitors my stress levels. She is just a phone call away to assist in needed times. Availability is one of her greatest strengths! “Stress and Type II Diabetes are not friends.” She gives exceptional advice on how to take good care of myself while caring for my son. The coping strategies she provides are phenomenal! Dr. DeDan follows-up with me all the time! She makes sure that I am doing well and is my biggest cheerleader of encouragement. She has a gentle way of calming me down when I am overwhelmed with caregiver duties; blood sugar levels will test high and I feel as though I have lost control. Her bed side manners are impeccable!
I believe my life long journey with Type II Diabetes will be controllable under the guidance of this
Incredible doctor, known as Dr. Claudine DeDan along with her amazing, caring and dedicated staff.