Ms. Marshall

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| March, 10 2024 | for Collin D. Cullen, MD

In December I had annual mammogram and was told something questionable showed up. I would need to have another mammogram as well as an ultrasound. After having that done I was told I needed to have a biopsy of the area. As a breast cancer survivor I was naturally nervous an very concerned. Before scheduling the biopsy I wanted to talk to Dr. Cullen, my PCP. I was able to talk with him immediately and he referred me to a breast cancer specialist. Although I was not able to talk to that doctor, her staff was very helpful. I then scheduled the biopsy with the doctor at Sibley Breast Center who had recommended it. A few days before the procedure Dr. Cullen called to inquire about how I was doing and reassured me! After having the biopsy the results were posted on my Johns Hopkins chart. Dr. Cullen called me immediately to share the good news! I cannot explain how wonderful I felt but most of all how grateful I am for his compassionate care. He is the best!