My Angel that is Really Disguised as a Doctor Guiding me through my Illnesses

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| February, 13 2024 | for Elizabeth Y. Boehme, MD

Dr. Elizabeth Boehme is an amazing, kind, compassionate, extremely dedicated and outstanding Doctor whom I have been with for well over thirty years! She is always reachable on the telephone or via text immediately. She is also very brilliant with her knowledge. She took care of my mother for well over twenty years and mother loved her also. Most importantly, she is always abreast of the new information continuously being published regarding my illnesses, symptoms, and medications. As a healthcare provider myself, she has always given me excellent care and referred me to several providers as well. She knows what is going on with your health at all times and has many extensive teams of professional doctors and nurses and specialists that she works with All the time. She is a very patient professional at all times. Her staff is outstanding and polite at all times, from the phlebotomist, the front office staff, etc. and nurses. Her office is always clean and comfortable. Thank you for saving my life many times. Considering I had given up many times, because of the complexity of my illnesses, I truly appreciate you for getting me the healthcare, etc. which I require to thrive and survive. God Bless You and your Staff Forever. Amen.