My Brother Is My Keeper

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| April, 2 2024 | for Andrew E. Krupitsky, DO

I feel like I have known Dr. Krupitsky a very long time, but at 85, everything feels like a long time ago. Anyway, I count on him to manage my healthcare and he provides that care in an outsanding fashion. He not only cares for me directly, but he always keeps up with all spectialy physions. He is my overall Doctor and always asks about other providers and how he can help if I have any concerns. He knows my faimly and always ask about them. Dr. K knows about my personal concerns and I feel like he always approaches the entire Jerry Kelly. He doesn't only talk about what I want to talk about, but he always see all of Jerry and what is or could be wrong with all of Jerry even my 85 year complaints. He feels like I believe a concerned brother (if I had one) would be for me. When I go to see Dr. K I do not only feel like i'm going to the doctor, but to talk with a friend (a person who really cares). I'm glad to have the chance to talk with who ever reads this, about Dr. K. He's a good guy as well as a great doc.