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| March, 9 2024 | for Kimberly Smith, MD

My doctor, Dr. Kimberly Smith is the best. I’ve had many doctors in my adult life and most of them bedside manners were atrocious. When you go to the doctor or even hospital you want to at least be greeted with a smile or kind words, I’ve had many that never have a kind word, Dr Smith on the other hand always greets you with a smile and regardless of her day, takes time out to ask about yours. She sets a relaxed environment and explains your medical condition in layman’s terms. I really appreciate that part about my visit. I can call her and also get medical advice, she’s never too busy. I appreciate my doctor because while she is being professional she’s still someone you can talk to. If all doctors bedside manner were like Dr. Smith, oh what a wonderful world this would be. Choosing her as my primary care doctor is one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’m grateful for her and I am always recommending her to others.