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| February, 17 2024 | for James W. Bosler III, MD

I have been a patient of Dr James Bosler for over 20 year. He has helped me through many complex medical issues including a battle with a rare form of cancer. As a retired RN I tend to be overly worrisome and self -diagnosing at times. Dr Bosler always remains patient , caring and supportive. He listens and actually hears me.I know I will walk out of his office feeling better. Not long ago we were considering moving out of state.My biggest concern was leaving Dr Bosler. The move is not taking place leaving me very relieved. Dr Bosler cannot be replaced! I could go on and on . I am here for the long haul however long that will be. Dr Bosler is top notch in many areas and has had a great part in keeping me sane. I continue with chronic pain and limited mobility . He does his very best to keep me comfortable! He is the best!!