My Doctor Saved My Life

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| January, 18 2024 | for Mary-Anne Ost, MD

My Doctor, Mary Anne Ost of West Grove, Pennsylvania is the reason I am still alive today. During an office visit with Dr. Ost in May 2023 she noticed something in an EKG performed in her office that day and my comments about my breathing a lot through my mouth and being tired a lot that she referred me to a Cardiologist. They ordered an Echocardiogram which resulted in my having a Cardio Catheterization. This procedure discovered I had a 99% blocked artery which resulted in the insertion of a Stent. The Cardiologist said I barely escaped a Stroke or worse a Heart Attack. I am so fortunate Dr. Ost saw some significant indicators in my condition and she made a referral that has SAVED MY LIFE. SHE IS MY HERO AND WORTH A MILLION DOLLARS!!!