My Favorite All Time Doctor

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Linda K
| February, 11 2024 | for Jane Z. Cai, MD, MS

Jane Z Cai is my doctor. In my 76th year now, I realize just how important it is to have a physician that actually listens to my concerns. I know my body better than anyone and she takes the time necessary to find out any concerns I may have. She prescribes blood tests every six months and thoroughly goes thru these test results and makes changes as she sees necessary. I realize sometimes my questions really seem somewhat unnecessary, but she takes the time to listen and explain answers.
She maintains the most thorough staff I've ever encountered. I can call any one of her staff and know I'll have 100% follow up on my questions. I walk in her practice and am greeted by name and a smile. I had one occasion to contact her after hours and she cheerfully responded with a suggestion to make me more comfortable.
I had my mammogram last week and mentioned DR. Cai's name and she commented that I was fortunate being her patient and I agree, I am truly blessed to have her in my corner.