My Longtime Excellent PCP Dr. Richard Griffith

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| February, 2 2024 | for Richard L. Griffith, MD, PhD

Dr. Richard Griffith has been my PCP since long before MDVIP appeared. He is the best. He studies and researches everything out there in the medical world. He is always up-to-date on the latest issues. Dr. Griffith has referred me to the very best specialists in the area. Over many years, they have, in fact, all proven to be the best. I have had numerous medical issues during my travels around the country. As an example, many years ago I was scheduled to fly from my home in the Atlanta area to my parents' home in Connecticut. Two days before my flight, I fell off my bike and banged myself up. I remember my chest hurting, but I just went on with the trip. When I got to Connecticut, the pain in my chest had actually gotten worse. In addition, my BP was elevated. I contacted Dr. Griffith and he referred me to MDVIP Dr. Emily Nolfo in a nearby town, with an appointment for the very next day. Dr. Nolfo was excellent. She determined that I had two cracked ribs and attributed my high BP to that issue. So thank you, Dr. Griffith, Dr. Nolfo and MDVIP for getting me through that problem. I certainly hope that Dr. Griffith will be my PCP for many years to come.