My MDVIP Super Doctor

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| February, 11 2024 | for Christopher Bates, MD, FACP

I have had he good fortune of having two MDVIP doctors over the past 25 years. Gary Fishy was my first MDVIP who for 20 years was my internal medicine and cardiologist in the Washington DC area. He was always available and always was able to immediately diognize my issue and refer me to the very best doctor(s) e.g. (1) heart attack resolved with stent insertion surgery in 1997, (2) removal of my diseased gall bladder in 2000; and, (3) angigram procedure to determine the need for quadruple surgery which was completed to save my live and assure a long and healty life going forwrd.

My seconf MDVIP is Christopher Bates in Toledo, OH who has been my MDVIP for the pst 2 years. Dr. Bates has always been availible to address my various issuea and hasalways treated me and/or referred me to the proper physician required correctly treat my issue.