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| February, 15 2024 | for Michael Bienenfeld, MD

For many years I was in medical practices consistently rotating my primary care doctor. I received many recommendations by friends and family to change practices & get with a medical practice with more focus on continuity of care and partnering with your doctor on health decisions to help manage my autoimmune, chronic illnesses and overall health.

I’m glad I listened and made the change to my current doctor ( Michael Bienenfeld). As an individual with many autoimmune diseases, I know one size treatment does not fit all illnesses. Autoimmune issues are not a straight line & require a doctor with excellent listening skills and more patience.
Dr. Bienenfeld has been a very helpful healthcare partner who understands I’ve been living with autoimmune disease for decades and learns from that history when making medical decisions.
He has also helped be better navigate the current medical environment and all the conflicting medical information published on an ongoing basis.
I am very grateful to have him and his team for my medical needs. Thank you Dr. Bienenfeld!
Tammy G.