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| November, 25 2020 | for Louis B. Malinow, MD

First of all congratulations to Dr Lou!! Well deserved. Almost 13 years ago I was exercising 6 days a week and in perfect shape. I was going to another doctor at the time and she prescribed medicine which didn't help so I called her office, but they wouldn't see me. I was getting sicker and sicker and my daughter was working for Dr Lou at this time and she got me in his office. To make a long story short I was admitted to the hospital and was there for 10 days. Dr Lou had prescribed every test imaginable and had the best specialists there. Thank God for Dr Louis Malinow. I will be 78 in February and people think I am in my 50's. Of course I do exercise and eat very healthy and as we all know Dr Lou enforces the importance of exercise and nutrition. I can honestly say if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here. Dr Lou listens to his patients which is very important. He is so smart and has such compassion and passion than anyone I know. Even with his busy schedule he still finds the time to post medical information (which I do read) )that is beneficial to his patients.

Dr Lou is an amazing person and the BEST doctor ever. Thank you